27 Incredible Cinco de Mayo Desserts

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No matter where you are there’s always a good reason to make one of these Cinco de Mayo desserts – they are too easy and delicious to pass up.

If you didn’t know, Cinco de Mayo means May 5th. And each year on May 5th Americans love to celebrate Mexican culture.

Well they love to celebrate food by eating Mexican snacks, carnitas and fish ceviche. And don’t forget drinks in Mexico – so we’re talking lots of Charro Negro, cervezas and tequila.

The next day many will need a michelada or chelada beer – both are known to be great hangover cures.

Table full of typical Mexican food like tacos, beans, salsa and tortillas.

What Does Cinco de Mayo Celebrate?

Good question.

It is not Mexico’s independence day, that’s September 16th. It’s also not related to Day of the Dead on November 2nd.

And there was no Cinco de Mayo, but there was a battle leading up to May 5th.

This Mexican holiday celebrates a small Mexican army liberating Puebla, a city near Mexico City, from the French on May 5th 1862.

Unfortunately they reoccupied it a year later. But only for four more years. In 1867 Mexico liberated Puebla for good.

They continue to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the Puebla state, but otherwise you’ll only find it in tourist areas as a way to encourage people to eat and drink, like in Playa del Carmen restaurants.

And that’s because the country had so many battles fighting the French, English Spanish and later Americans. So the small Battle of Puebla isn’t significant to everyone.

Cinco de Mayo Parade 2012 on Central Park West, Upper West Side, New York
Cinco de Mayo Parade 2012 on Central Park West, Upper West Side, New York

How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Here’s the truth. I’ve never celebrated Cinco de Mayo. And yes I’ve been in Mexico on May 5th many times. But Mexico doesn’t celebrate it.

It’s an American holiday.

I’m Canadian and we don’t celebrate it. I have lots of easy Cinco de Mayo recipes because no matter where I am on May 5th it’s always a good reason to make Mexican food for dinner.

 I’m not a baker but I compiled a list of Cinco de Mayo desserts that are non-baker friendly.

Some of these desserts are authentic Mexican desserts, but others are inspired by Mexico.

As the actual holiday of Cinco de Mayo isn’t typically Mexican I felt I could bend the rules with making traditional desserts.


Easy Cinco de Mayo desserts for a Mexican fiesta or a weeknight dinner.

Fun Cinco de Mayo party food recipes like flan, churros and Mexican brownies.

What Cinco de Mayo desserts did we miss? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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