Kimchi Broccoli Slaw

Kimchi broccoli slaw

Kimchi broccoli slaw makes the world a better place. At least my world this week. Life has been kind of hectic lately. We started running Loka Snacks 3 nights a week in our local bar and we’ve had other events around the city. This week felt really long and while we didn’t work Saturday night we went out for our neighbours birthday where Dave made this giant confetti cake covered with candy and topped with Skor pieces. It was awesome. But >

48 Hour Food Guide: Restaurants in Portland

Portland Food Guide

Portland is weird…and rad! Over 3 days we ate at 15 restaurants in Portland and one farmers market – we could have kept going if we had more time, Portland is a great city for food lovers. Check out the video of food in Portland we made, you won’t believe all the places we visited: Get the Guide This is a very long post. If you’re planning a trip to portland we’ve created a FREE PDF with links to our favourite restaurants in >

How to Shuck Oysters with a Hockey Puck

how to shuck oysters

I feel fairly confident in the kitchen but when it comes to oysters I shy away because I’ve never learned how to shuck oysters. That all changed when I met Dave, having cooked on the East Coast he’s shucked more oysters than he cares to remember and shared a secret with me. It’s easy to shuck oysters with a hockey puck. And if you’re Canadian like us, there’s always a hockey puck nearby. The rubber coating helps keep the oyster >

Best Things to Do in Montreal? Eat!

where to eat in Montreal in 24 hours

Montreal, Canada We’ve been so busy with Loka Snacks we weren’t able to celebrate Dave’s one-year anniversary in Toronto – unfortunately it falls on February 14th and we were working on Valentine’s Day. So when Intercontinental® Hotels Group gave us IHG® Rewards Club points to celebrate we knew there >

Whey Fermented Beet Carpaccio Recipe

beet carpaccio

One of the great things about Loka Snacks, is seeing what Dave comes up with each week. Although last week people loved his gobi manchurian dish, we found great beets this week so we served this whey fermented beet carpaccio. The fermented beets have an >