Whey Fermented Beet Carpaccio Recipe

beet carpaccio

One of the great things about Loka Snacks, is seeing what Dave comes up with each week. Although last week people loved his gobi manchurian dish, we found great beets this week so we served this whey fermented beet carpaccio. The fermented beets have an awesome flavour, not quite as acidic as pickled beets but not as mushy as roasted beets. This may be my favourite way to eat them. Although I still love the raw beet salad I make >

An Unfussy Approach to Wine

canadian vineyard

The more time I spend in Grey Bruce County the more I realize it’s almost like medicine for living in the city. We take things far too seriously, get caught up in hype that doesn’t really matter and sometimes you lose sight of the small things that really do matter.   Watch a Day at Hoity Toity Cellars So a day at Hoity Toity Cellars was the perfect intervention. Normally visiting a winery can be quite a serious thing. You >

Valentine’s Day is For Lovers…Unless You Work in a Restaurant

pig tartare Loka Snacks

I’m not really the sentimental kind of person to celebrate Valentine’s Day. but it was the day Chef_Rouge and I finally arrived in Toronto after a crazy ride across country with a terrible U-Haul Experience but amazing night in Quebec City. He made crazy crostini type nachos from what we could find in the corner store. It was perfect. So while Valentine’s Day is a cheesy holiday, February 14th is special because we could finally be together in one city. That may be the >

Cider, Apple Pie and Goats… Oh My!

apple pie trail

I grew up in an apple valley in Nova Scotia. Apples are intertwined with so many childhood memories; my grandmother made a great apple pie, the biggest festival of the year celebrated the apple blossoms and while I never picked apples it was the best >

Grey Bruce County is for Food Lovers

cherry tomatoes

A couple hours north of Toronto, Grey Bruce County is home to many farmers and food producers and its also where Dave grew up. A few months back he was asked to lead a chef’s mentorship program for the region as restaurants and chefs needed some advice >